Create space for women to find themselves through self-care and mental wellness.

who we are

A safe space for women

Allayya [from allay (verb): too soothe, to calm] was born out of the necessity to make mental health and self-care resources more accessible for women. Our women-first mental wellness app speaks directly to us. With a variety of tools created by mental health and wellness experts, Allayya puts women’s unique needs at the forefront.


I know what it looks like to feel lost in your own journey

As the caregiver of a chronically ill parent, mother of a child with a disability and career woman, I understand the life demands we, women, face. And I also understand how these demands can take a toll on you. For too long, I struggled mentally and emotionally, even experiencing depression. I felt alone, lost and ashamed. But learning how to prioritize daily self-care helped me get through those difficult days. And that is when I wished something like Allayya existed. I hope Allayya helps you find space for yourself to feel more like the powerful, whole person that you are.


What we believe in

Female-focused spaces matter

And they respond to a real need as long as women remain underserved when it comes to our health and wellness.

You are your #1 advocate

Standing up for your own needs is an essential step towards prioritizing your overall health and well-being.

Self-care is also community care

Because it is only once you are well and healthy that you can show up for others in the way they need you to.

Real self-care is evidence-based

At Allayya, we partner up with qualified professionals to bring you research-backed tools and strategies for mental wellness.

Sharing our stories is powerful

Whenever we open up about our own struggles and challenges, we remind others that they are not alone.

All of our experiences matter

We aim to build a space that hears and amplifies the diverse voices of women—one where we all belong.

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