Elevate women through real self-care and mental wellness

who we are

A safe space for women

Allayya [from allay (verb): too soothe, to make better] was born from the urgent need to improve access to mental health and self-care resources for all women. Our women-centric mental wellness app is tailored to us.

Offering an array of tools created by mental health professionals, Allayya prioritizes the unique yet diverse needs of women, ensuring an effective approach to wellness.


I've been there too

As a caregiver, mother and career woman, I've firsthand experienced how 'wearing all the hats' can take a toll on you. For too long, I struggled mentally and emotionally, often feeling alone and overwhelmed. But, learning to prioritize self-care helped me get through those difficult days. It was then that I wished for something like Allayya. I hope Allayya gives you the space to tap into your inner strength and feel more empowered and whole.

Jazmina Urriola, Founder

What we believe in

Female-focused spaces are essential

They play a crucial role in ensuring women's experiences get the attention they deserve.

You are your #1 advocate

Standing up for yourself is key to creating a fairer and more inclusive society for everyone.

Self-care is also community care

Taking care of yourself is what allows you to show up for others in the ways they need you to.

Mental wellness starts from within

So, we team up with licensed therapists to help you sort it all out through research-informed methods that work.

Sharing our stories is powerful

When we share our highs, our lows—and everything in between—it lets others know they're not alone.

All of our experiences matter

We strive to create a space that validates the diversity of our journeys—where all women feel that they belong.

Feel like you.