Women deserve better days

Our mental wellness app gives you the space you need to reset and feel like yourself every day. Download the app and try it for free.

A wellness space created with you in mind

Finally, a mental wellness app that puts women's unique needs front and center.

For all women

Learn to navigate common challenges faced by women and thrive throughout every stage of your journey.

Take what you need

From a 5-minute breathwork to a 10-minute coaching session, take what you need the most in the moment.

By experts who get you

Get research-informed tools created by mental health and wellness pros who understand women's biggest struggles.

Meet your new self-care rituals

Feel more present with mindfulness and meditation practices. Find calm with stress-relief exercises. Build game-changing skills with bite-sized psychoeducation and coaching sessions. Plus, create a soothing space with relaxing sounds and music.

Holding space for all women

Allayya was created to hold space for women to empower themselves, reclaim wellness, and live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives.

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