What is Allayya?

Allayya is a mobile application for the modern woman who is doing it all and needs a little extra support on her self-care and mental wellness journey. With an ever-growing collection of evidence-based tools that are focused on women’s biggest challenges, we help you navigate life stressors, build healthier self-care skills, and feel more like you every day.

What do I get with an Allayya subscription?
How do I delete my Allayya account?

To delete your account, open the Allayya app on your mobile device. Go to Profile > Account Details > Delete Account. If you run into any issues, please send us an email at support@allayya.com.

Who are the people behind the Allayya app?

We are a female-owned company based in Irving, Texas, and founded by former biotech scientist, Jazmina Urriola, PhD. Allayya was born out of Jazmina's own personal struggles with her mental health while juggling caregiving, motherhood and career. Learning how to prioritize daily self-care and practice mindfulness and meditation has helped her cope with chronic stress, anxiety and depression. And because she knows that so many other women face these same struggles, she wanted to make it easier for all to access mental wellness and self-care tools that spoke directly to us, women.

Allayya partners up with licensed mental health practitioners and certified wellness professionals who are passionate for women's health and wellness, to create content, tools and resources for the Allayya community.

Why Allayya?

Because it has been created with you in mind. When we first envisioned building the Allayya app, we wanted for it to make you feel that we are speaking directly to you, that we see you, and that we are here for you. Unlike the most popular mentall wellness apps in the market, Allayya provides you with tools that are focused on the female experience and the biggest challenges wome face. We know that our gender and identity play a critical role in our mental health. However, while some progress has been made , women still face a wide gap in access to self-care and mental wellness tools addressing issues that are unique to us.

Allayya is here to bridge that gap. We partner up with licensed mental health providers and certified wellness professionals to bring you researched-backed tools that will help you empower yourself on your path to mental wellness. And we make these tools available to you through the Allayya mobile app: simple, intuitive and easy-to-navigate. With the Allayya app, we strive to make prioritizing mental wellness easier and more accessible to you. And we aim to make daily self-care a part of your routine you actually look forward to.

Is Allayya only for women?

Allayya has been designed as a women-first mental wellness app because, for too long, women's mental health has been overlooked and we are still underserved by existing alternatives in the mental wellness app market. Having said that, Allayya can be a safe space for anyone—regardless of their gender identity—in need of tools and resources to cope with everyday stressors and life challenges, and feel more like themselves again.

In what countries is the Allayya app available?

At this moment, the Allayya app is only available in the United States.

How do I become a contributor to the Allayya app?

Are you a mental health provider or wellness professional passionate about women's mental wellness? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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